Meet Oğuz Han: From Sweden to Germany

Oğuz Han Urhan is a 24 years-old volunteer, who is getting prepared to start his new educational career from October on. He majored in the department of Political Science and International Relations at Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul.

Read on to get inspired by his unique adventure in Dortmund.

“I am a Dortmunder for almost a year and I really enjoy being in the heart of Germany’s most populated region which includes even bigger cities like Düsseldorf and Cologne. I lived in Sweden as an exchange student for a year; I enjoyed being there and felt connected to the Nordic culture as well. It is not possible to compare Dortmund and Trollhattan since they both have their own specific feelings and offers.”

“I really loved being in Sweden had chance to listen to the nature and myself after a life-long chaotic experience in Istanbul. Even though sometimes I felt super lonely and bored, life in Sweden offered me the possibility of improving myself and finding out who I am actually. When it comes to my current hometown Dortmund, I would say that there is a complete different way of living here.”

“The typical German way of living does not really exist here in Dortmund. hThe city and the region are historically well-known by their working-class life and openness, the cities are extremely cosmopolitan and welcoming. The region is called as “Ruhrgebiet”, “Ruhrpott” in local dialect. It is the most populated part of the country, you are able to travel to four different (Essen, Bochum, Dortmund, Wuppertal) cities within 25 minutes which are populated more than 300.000 inhabitants. Dortmund, itself, has more or less 600.000 locals. Thereby, there I always something going on in my life. It sometimes reminds me of my life in Istanbul but of course a less stressful version of it.

“My days, here, are pretty much the same but differ at the same time. I work with children for five days per week; therefore, my mood varies day by day depends on who am I taking care of. Sometimes, I come home very energetic and the other day I feel extremely tired when I am back. What ever changes is the route that I take to work and the bike that I use.”

“Just as other Northwestern European cities, I would definitely recommend for you to come here in summer. People enjoy their free time at those beautiful parks. Most of the time it doesn’t rain like in Hamburg, Bremen or Berlin.”

“Even though Dortmund is big itself, it has just seven universities in total. The night life is quite boring during week days sot hat you may fulfill your intellectual needs. It is -unfortunately- not recommended for the ones who need to entertain themselves.”

“I am truly grateful for the locals of the city, they are open minded and friendly to the new comers. I recommend here for the ones who plans to move here by heart. There are internationally world-wild companies and firms that offers job opportunities unless if you don’t study on social disciplines. Noting that German language skills are required.

An important tip for the new comers: Don’t yell if you are a fan of Schalke 04!


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