Meet Froso: From Ptolemaida to Thessaloniki

Froso is a 21 years-old undergraduate who currently locates in Thessaloniki for her studies. She majors in psychology at one of the most prestigious institutions of Greece, namely Aristotle University. 

Are you curious about what life looks like in Thessaloniki? Read on to get your daily inspiration!

“I spent my childhood and teenage years in a town called “Ptolemaida”. It is a town of around 50.000 residents, a bit smaller when it is compared to Thessaloniki. It locates in West Macedonia and only an hour and a half away from Thessaloniki. My home city, Ptolemaida does not have sea nearby and it is a lot closer to mountains. As you may imagine, Ptolemaida is a lot colder in winter for the same reason and even in spring and in summer.”

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“Thessaloniki is a city full of life and mostly young people as there are two big universities locates here. There are plenty of cafe and bars, plus squares where students meet and hang out.”

“A regular day for me here mostly consists of going to the university in the mornings and in the afternoons. In between my lessons, I mostly spend my time at the canteen or grab my lunch from a fast food restaurant near campus. After ı am done with my lessons, I usually spend my free time for other activities I like, I mean, mostly volunteering and playing music.”

“As for the evening, almost everyday I go out for a coffee or a beer to catch up with my friends. Also, a pretty popular place for students to hang out in the evening of spring and summer, is the port. So, when the weather helps we go there to hang out sometimes.”

Credit: Chris Karidis

“My favorite season to visit or -generally- the best season for someone to live in Thessaloniki is spring. Normally, during winter, the weather is really cold and there may be snow (I assume if someone is really more a winter person, they might like to visit in winter as well). Strolling near the sea or visiting Heptapyrgion (Yedikule) where you can enjoy the most perfect view of the city, are not that easy apart from spring. Though the weather gets a lot warmer in spring time, so that you get the chance to explore the city a lot easier. During May, also, a lot of people start going to the beaches. You can easily reach to the sea side via bus from the center.”

“For me, Thessaloniki offers opportunities to its youth and it is a place where young people can both have time for themselves and learn how to evolve. Although as every place in this world, Thessaloniki has its own weaknesses as well, not everything is dreamy here. You can see a lot of poverty which may break your heart or you can easily get tired of the city’s public transportation which does not make you feel so good inside. But still, there are so many beautiful places to see, so many amazing and fulfilled people to meet. One thing is for sure that you will absolutely fall in love with this city no matter what happens!”


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