Students Agaınst COVID have a message for you

Once you decide to make a change, you rock the boat!

A pandemic is a once in a century phenomenon. While physicians, researchers, authorities and stakeholders are doing their part in facing this crisis, people across the globe are stepping up to empower local communities.

Students want to support the healthcare system and frontline providers. From those risking lives as volunteers lacking protective gear, to those initiating online events in spreading awareness and tackling this “infodemic”, each of us has the potential to leave a mark in this fight.

Together we are strong and that is why a movement spear-headed on Twitter is on it’s way to bridge all existing efforts and the ones to come. 

On March 17 Marina, a med/public health graduate from Michigan US inquired what students all over the globe are doing in their fight against COVID19. This lead to a global response with a series of innovative discussions online, to create the hashtag (#Students_Against_COVID) catching attention worldwide. Christos, a medical student from Greece, came up with the idea to extrapolate the hashtag across Social Media platforms as a virtual meeting point bringing together students and allies to share ideas & brainstorm together in a responsible and efficient manner. 

Ahsan, a public health scientist at John Hopkins, USA, Faisal, a medical student in the United Arab Emirates, and Ana Sofia, a medical student from Portugal joined hands in leading this movement, thereby spreading the right word and coordinating at a global level.

With #Students_Against_COVID, we hope to create a medium to facilitate productive and professional means for students and allies to elevate their voices, share and amplify their existing work, brainstorm through multi-centered perspectives, and harness the power of impactful collaborations. 

Our aim is neither to take credit for anyone’s work— nor assume liability of this work . Our motto, originating from Greek mythology, is once you decide to make a change, you rock the boat!

If interested, we would love to have you & your peers on board this movement in either shape or form. We need many more volunteers from America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia speaking up during these challenging times as our collective voices need to be the strongest on the table. 

Marina Haque

Ana Sofia Mota

Faisal Nawaz

Christos Tsagkaris

Ahsan Zil E Ali

Feel free to follow our updates on Twitter and #Students_Against_COVID

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