Meet Nadia: A Former Gymnast from Bulgaria

Nadia is a brilliant young woman who lives in Sofia, Bulgaria and recently, we have approached her to listen how it makes her feel like to study and to live in one of the most attractive spots of Balkans.

Read on to get inspired by the words of this young, brilliant woman.

“This is going to be my second year living here in Sofia. My hometown is called as Kyustendil, a small and charming city in Western Bulgaria that is close to the borders with Serbia and north Macedonia -and actually, quite close to Sofia, too. Both Sofia and Kyustendil are rich in history and offer a great deal of pleasures for visitors and locals. Of course, life in Sofia is much more busy since it is the capital city of Bulgaria. Whereas in Kyustendil, daily routine is a bit more relaxed than Sofia.”

Kyustendil, Bulgaria
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“When I am in Sofia, I find myself very bust with university. Most of my days revolves around studying and attending to the classes. Depending on my timetable, I wake up between 7 to 8 am. I have something for breakfast and get ready to go out. It takes about 40 minutes to reach to the campus from where I stay. Luckily, I have great colleagues in my department and time goes pleaseantly. We have breaks together for lunch and so on during the day. In the evening, I usually meet with friends or go to the gym.”

“Sofia is beautiful at every moment of the year and every season, it has its charm in some way. For tourists, I would recommend to do plan their trips for the summer as the city is less crowded.”

“I have always been in love with autumn season in Sofia, with the incredibly beautiful colors of three crowns and the leaves falling upon pavements. all those make Sofia even more enchanting and leaves a nice and cosy aftertaste.”

Sofa, Bulgaria

“Sofia is a city of great traditions so that many vents take place on annual basis. One of the most famous ones -and my personal favorite- is the preparation for the first of March, for the day that is known as “Baba Marta” or “Granny March”. If you decide visiting Sofia a couple of days before Baba Marta, you will see -absolutely- everywhere people selling and buying “martenitsi” -the bracelets from pieces of red and white cotton that are given to fiends and family members as a wish for happiness and health for the following year. We wear them until we see a blooming tree or a stork -both are the symbols of spring.”

Martenitsi bracelets
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“According to my experience, I would say that people in Sofia are very approachable and easy to communicate. There are many job opportunities as well here, especially for the youth. That is the main reason for us to come to that city. Every year, Sofia is hosting more and more people. There is little something for everyone here. Being here is a thing that worth trying, do not hesitate to pay a visit sometimes, guys.”


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