Meet Janek: Comes from the heart of Poland

Janek is a 22 years-old law student who majors in Uniwersytet Warszawski and currently works in a law firm in Warsaw. He has been gaining experience in European projects and recently, he has become the Participant Coordinator of Model European Union Warsaw 2019. He describes himself as a federalist who imagines to see a united states of Europe in the future.

Read on to see what Warsaw looks like through the eyes of a real local.

“I was born and raised in Warsaw and currently, my whole life is going on here. I have never had the opportunity to live in another city or country; but I am planning to experience it soon thanks to the Erasmus program. I have knowledge about the other cities mainly from the trips I made and the stories of my friends.”

“Warsaw is the largest city of Poland and I am lucky to be the one who lives very close both to the work and to the campus; so that I do not have to spend much time on the public transportation. This was the first thing that came into my mind when I imagine and ordinary day in Warsaw. Despite the good conditions regards to transportation, we have unfortunately some people who spend more than an hour on their ways to reach to the city center.”

“A significant part of a typical day of mine is definitely the time when I get lunch in one of the restaurants. Almost all of them offers lunch with affordable price. Gastronomy, for me, is one of the most important features to assess a city. I always try to spend my evenings with friends since those are the only times that I can get relax. I prefer to be around Vistula Boulevard in summer, and in restaurants or bars in winter.”

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“I assume that there is no specific traditions originated in Warsaw. Just as in the other cities, the inhabitants have their own language. For instance, we meet in “Patelnia” (frying pan) -the square which locates in front of the Centrum Metro Station, in the center of Warsaw stands “the Pekin” (Beijing) -Palace of Culture and Science. In Polish, the acronym of the Palace of Culture and Science is “PKiN”, which sounds like the Chinese city “Pekin”. Lastly, to drink beer, we go to the place which we called as “the stairs” -boulevards on the west side of the Vistula, which looks like stairs.”

“I think you can experience the greatest charm of Warsaw when it gets warm. Meaning that you should come here from May to October, so that you might enjoy the Vistula River and get a chance to have a walk through numerous parks and gardens, which are considerably a lot in Warsaw. If you choose coming here in colder times, try to fit your trip into the Christmas period. Decorations around the city are all hung over and the city looks phenomenal!”

“Warsaw consists of a huge mixture of people. We can meet a diverse community of students here and many people live here for their works. The funny thing is that the hardest thing to find in Warsaw is a person who actually comes from Warsaw. The term słoik (jars) is used to refer to the people who migrated from their hometowns. Initially, it had a negative connotation; but now, it just seems humorous. The term has been used by the ancestors. Anyway, peple are attracted to here for various reasons so that we should be happy about that.”

“You can become a Varsovian even though you were not born in Warsaw. What I have heard from my fiends who come from other cities was that the residents of Warsaw are friendly and smiling. It is very easy to talk to a stranger on the street or simply change smiles on the road. I think that precisely because we, as Warsaw locals, are such a diverse society. That is why we become happy to welcome all new comers.”

“As the largest city and one of the largest in the whole region in Poland, Warsaw offers a lot for people. Honestly, someone who can not find a job in Warsaw might not want to find a job. as most of the entrepreneurs gathers here, people with all qualifications are sought after. Both for the students and the graduates, it is not a big deal to get a position here. For sure, you have to have real expectations, no one will become a manager or a director without having prior experience, but I think that the current market situation allows you to believe that one day you will become this leader you have imagined.”

“If you are looking for a proper place to live, come to Warsaw. If my career would not force eme to do it, I definitely won’t move out of here for a long time.”

“I would like to encourage you all to have a visit here. Maybe some of you think that you do not have any time, money or a company, understandable. But the doesn’t have to be like that. Traveling does not have to be expensive and solo trips may also make you feel pleasant. I know that from my very ow experience which taught me that every tip broadens horizons and there is nothing better than observing new cultures. I hope you will make it and come here!”


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