Meet Jack: Life in Cardiff, Wales

Today, we get the opportunity of conducting an interview with a young photographer, Jack Cowles from Cardiff. We were well aware of the fact that most of our readers dream about continuing their lives in some part of UK so that we asked him all you want to know about life in UK.

Jack is a young photographer who used to get inspired by the charm of the Mediterranean sun once upon a time in Thessaloniki thanks to his EVS experience in Greece. We would like to note that he is also a huge fan of Turkish coffee as well!

Read on to get your daily inspiration UK lovers!

“My city has a lot of beautiful areas, park, architecture and many shops. A typical day would be walking at 5 am and having a shower, Turkish coffee afterwards and getting ready for work. Between 08.20-17.00, I work at opticians and then between 19.00-21.00 I train with the Red Cross before returning home to bed. I work in a large optician and volunteer with the Red Cross here most of the time as I mentioned, but travel a lot as much as I can.”

“Wales is famous with its culture and history, events and sports. Whether it is listening to old tales, watching our craftsmen work, learning about the mining history or listening to the beautiful Welsh music, you will always find something to entertain you here.”

“I have lived here for 22 years and spent time in Thessaloniki, too. Strangely, Thessaloniki felt more like home than my real home. Friendly people, lively atmosphere, delicious food all being part of why.”

“Cardiff is best visited in summer season even if the weather here is a little unpredictable. I prefer summer months as there are many events to attend although you can find something all year round. A lot of cultural events happen in the winter or spring season, though.”

“Throughout most of the UK jobs are hard to come by at good rates; but if you are in the right area, there are many opportunities for everyone. There are lots of placements for students and learning programs for all ages in the workplace.”

“Locals here alike any other country can differ although most of us do tend to be hospitable and would love to show you around, so feel free to ask for advice! I would highly recommend Cardiff to people who think of moving here, work here or even just want to have a visit. There is certainly a lot to do, great opportunities and many transport links. Oh! And make sure you eat Welsh cakes at Cardiff market. They are the best ever!”


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