Meet Vuslat: A Turkish girl in Italy

Vuslat is a 24 years old dancer and a Mechanical and Automotive Engineer who majors in the field of Racing Car Design in Italy. She used to work in various companies as an engineer and a ballet instructor. Plus, she is into oil painting, playing flute and guitar. The thing that keeps her alive in this unique journey is her Honda Shadow 600.

Read on to get inspired by her experience both in Turkey and Italy.

“I am 24-year-old and I study Racing Car Design in Italy. I’ve studied Mechanical and Automotive Engineering at Hacettepe University, Ankara. I worked in different companies as an engineer and also at Olga Bale as a ballet teacher, sold some oil paintings, played flute and guitar. I have a Honda Shadow 600 to feel alive. My body dance, my brain calculates and my soul rides through the freedom.

Motorvehicle University of Reggio-Emilia is a new feeling in the automotive industry. It is located in the Motor Valley area: “land of legends and cutting-edge technology, where the history of the two and four wheels was written”.  Universities of Bologna, Modena, Ferrara and Parma work together with the sponsorships of Automobili Lamborghini, Dallara, Ducati, Ferrari, HaasF1Team, HPE COXA, Magneti Marelli, Maserati, Pagani and Scuderia Toro Rosso.

There are 6 different curriculums depending on the focused fields: Advanced automotive electronic engineering, Racing car design, High performance car design, Advanced sportscar manufacturing, Advanced powertrain and Advanced motorcycle engineering. All the classes are taught in English and after studying first semester all together in Modena, we are divided to the other cities.

MUNER has 20 places for each curriculum in every year. There are 15 international students in total. Racing Car Design includes the dynamics of the vehicle and the materials to design nowadays racing cars. The first year is in Modena and the second year is at Dallara Academy in Varano where the chassis are manufactured for motor racings like IndyCar, Formula 3 and Formula E. Unfortunately, I am the only girl in my class.

MUNER is not the only university which has motorsport engineering programs. There are some other universities in USA and UK about the race cars and many others about automotive engineering. But at MUNER, there is the possibility to meet people in the biggest automotive companies while some of the lectures and all the seminars are done by the head of the different departments of Ferrari, Dallara, Maserati and HPE COXA. Also the factory tours can be shown as the real-life engineering, learning by doing and an important experience.

I’ve started to work as a vehicle dynamics engineer at Onda Solare Team, an Italian brand which produces a solar car to race. I’ve designed the suspension system, adaptive battery placement depending on the passengers and made all the dynamic analysis. The team won the American Solar Challenge and the Best Battery Pack Design. My aim is to be a performance engineer in F1, working about the vehicle dynamics of racing cars. And my dream is going to the races all around the world!”


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